2021-04-28 David MarecVersion 6.9.0 released
2021-04-19 David MarecDocument 'request' option to request additional configu...
2021-04-08 David MarecHost route must be deleted with rtm_type RTN_THROW.
2021-03-26 David MarecOpenIKED now works on NetBSD.
2021-03-17 David MarecAdd 'grp31' alias for curve25519 as documented in iked...
2021-03-10 David MarecSome style(9) fixes.
2021-03-05 David MarecFree sc_vroute on shutdown.
2021-03-03 David MarecIncrease the size of iov in pfkey_sa() to be large...
2021-03-02 David MarecEnable protocol specific flows on non-OpenBSD
2021-02-22 David MarecDon't explicitly send address family in IMSG_VROUTE_ADD...
2021-02-20 David MarecSave one allocation by passing msg_nonce ownership...
2021-02-11 David MarecDelay deletion of IKE SAs on rekey when stickyaddress...
2021-02-08 David MarecClean up kernel IPsec flows and security associations...
2021-02-03 David Mareccommit : Fix permissions of installed config files.
2021-01-29 David MarecUpdate to commit 4e8e29e4d0e80561ec7574e5c8cef05d8e0c25f8
2021-01-26 David MarecSYSCONFIG bugfix
2021-01-26 David MarecMissing man pages in plist
2021-01-26 David MarecPatches merged upstream: removed.
2021-01-26 David Marecmakepatch style
2021-01-26 David MarecAdd man pages
2021-01-26 David MarecUpdate to commit 57f6b20f94bff1c0c43bd8caac70a0a32f54d8d5
2021-01-22 David MarecReview patch name and style
2021-01-22 David MarecPoudriere Test port: add ssl as a depency, no need...
2021-01-21 David MarecFix openssl path in rc script
2021-01-21 David MarecCA root folder requires a trailing "/"
2021-01-21 David MarecReview rc script according to
2021-01-20 David MarecHeaders
2021-01-20 David Marecstyle
2021-01-20 David Marecfirst issue